• Security without boundaries

    Numisec is an Indonesian based security services provider. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of security technologies and consulting services in finance and telecommunications.

  • Build a security culture to power on your digital transformation

    Automated Defence

    Optimise the protection of your production systems and critical data

    Real-time visibility and control of your security posture enable IT teams to effectively mitigate and manage critical risks scenarios. Includes: Micro-Segmentation, Runtime Application Protection, Bug Bounty and Managed Security Services.
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    Application Testing

    Accelerate time-to-market and reduce your development costs

    Improved visibility and near real-time feedback enables development teams. Numisec solutions include enable Static Security Testing, Continual Hardening, Runtime Security Testing, and Application Vulnerability Correlation.
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    People Enablement

    Empower your development teams to achieve more​

    Developing Application Security capabilities helps teams to build security into the development lifecycle. Numisec helps establish security champions, security requirements and secure coding practices.
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  • How we partner with customers


    Projects that deliver

    Implementing solutions and developing assets that enable business outcomes. Includes: Design, build, and pilot implementation and/or solution roll-out


    Maximising your return on investment

    Providing assurances for operational stability and service availability. Includes: micro-segmentation, runtime application protection, managed security, and bug bounty programs


    Enable your people

    Competency and capability development for strategic advantage. Includes: knowledge transfer, training and certification, talent acquisition, and solutions for developing a community of practice

  • Managing critical security change

    How do we support our key partners with Management Consulting services?

    Building the business case for change –providing insights into the changing landscape for information security.

    Includes: Audit and assessment, service automation planning. Solution design, and proof of concept.

    "It’s critical that security and risk management leaders supply board-relevant and business-aligned content that is not hampered by overly technical references" Gartner






    "By 2022, cybersecurity ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of business relationships"

  • Our strategic partners