Enable your people

    People enablement for application development is part of a balanced approach for developing information security capabilities for across the service lifecycle. Including application development, application testing, and IT Operations.

  • Empower your development teams to achieve more

    Runtime Security Testing

    Increase security visibility for applications deployed in non-
    production environments

    Runtime Security Testing complements Static Security Testing through real-time assessment and feedback of applications. Numisec solutions include Dynamic Application Security Testing and Interactive Application Security Testing.

    Application Vulnerability Correlation

    Manage and prioritize security vulnerabilities through a single pane of glass.

    Application Vulnerability Correlation provides visibility to the security posture across the enterprise, through a unified dashboard. Enabling you to make data-driven decisions based on business impact.

    Secure Coding

    Enable development teams to build resilient applications from the start

    Empower development teams with the necessary knowledge and competencies to create highly resilient and secure applications. Numisec helps to establish Secure Coding Guidelines and work practices for quality assurance.

  • How do we bring deep expertise into your organisation

    Maturity Assessments

    Build your DevSecOps improvement plan based on quantitative measures

    Numisec services employ OWASP Open SAMM and ISO standards to baseline your current state capability maturity and develop a roadmap for achieving your desired state.

    Training and Certification

    Develop team competencies and certify individual achievements

    Our DevOps Institute certified trainers can help to develop your team through industry-recognized certification programs and customized workshops

  • "Global application security spending reached $2.8 billion in 2017, and we predict that the application security market will experience a 16.4% compound annual growth rate, reaching $7.1 billion in annual spend by 2023"