• Automated Defence

    Information security is no longer about protecting boundaries – it’s about protecting data.

  • The business problem we aim to solve

    Cloud computing, mobility, the Internet of Things, and AI, have dramatically expanded the way in which business is conducted. Information security is no longer about protecting boundaries – it’s about protecting data. At Numisec we help our customers to adopt contemporary methods and techniques for the protection of their critical systems and data.

    Micro Segmentation

    Prevent the spread of breaches inside your data centers and cloud environments

    Illumio’s Micro-segmentation; real-time app dependency and vulnerability mapping help you to protect critical data and achieve regulatory compliance across any data center or hybrid cloud deployment on bare-metal, virtual machines, and containers.

    Runtime Application Security Protection

    Real-time detection, protection, and visibility of application security threats

    Signal Science’s Runtime Application Self Protection provides a unified view of web defense for applications across any platform and in any environment. Serving the needs of developers, security, and operations. While also meeting your PCI 6.6 compliance requirements

    Managed Security

    Proactively mitigate more than 90% of security vulnerability exploits

    Numisec’s team of IT Professionals can provide advice and guidance, implement new capabilities, run your IT Operations, and transfer knowledge to your existing staff. Includes: Hardening, Patch Management, Vulnerability Management, and Remediation of findings for Server, Storage, Back Up, Network, Load-Balancer, Firewall, and Database

  • “Through 2020, 99% of vulnerabilities exploited will continue to be the ones known by security and IT professionals at the time of the incident.”

  • Bug Bounty

    Provide targeted vulnerability assessments that employ a global team of experienced hackers to identify security weaknesses.

    How does it work?

    A bug bounty program is a deal offered by many websites and software developers by which individuals can receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs, especially those pertaining to exploits and vulnerabilities.

    Bug hunters

    We set a perimeter for testing, the amount of rewards and aligned investment our resources. We launch your Bug Bounty in public or private and select bug hunters from the community of over 6000 hunters.

    Security Assessment

    Then we report and advise of key risks and findings. Learn and asses where you are vulnerable, assign responses and correct your code.

  • "Bug bounty programs incentivise security researchers to test your systems for weaknesses and then provide you with an opportunity to fix the problems and strengthen your defenses"