• Application Testing

    Many of the development issues that lead to security breaches can easily be avoided. Application testing provides a near-real-time security feedback loop for application development teams. This is achieved largely through the automation of application testing for agile development.

  • Accelerate time-to-market and reduce your development costs

    Static Security Testing

    Enable development teams through tightly integrated security feedback loops

    Improved visibility and near real-time security feedback enables
    development teams to efficiently identify and address application security issues. Numisec solutions include: Static Application Security Testing, Software Composition Analysis, and Container Security Scanning.

    Continual Hardening

    Ensure consistent hardening of operating system and application stack through security as code

    Automatically apply approved secure defaults to newly
    provisioned systems ensure compliance and saves valuable
    time. Numisec solutions include: Secure Provisioning, Continuous
    Compliance, Rotate of secrets, system credentials, Repave, Repair Model and cryptographic keys.

    Runtime Security Testing

    Increased security visibility for applications deployed in

    non-production environments

    Highly accurate and comprehensive real-time security feedback from running applications complements static security testing. Numisec solutions include: Dynamic Application Security Testing, and Interactive Application Security Testing.

    Apps Vulnerability Correlation

    Make the right decisions through a single pane of glass unifying all vulnerability sources

    Numisec helps provide visibility of the enterprise application
    vulnerability posture through a unified dashboard. Make
    data-driven decisions that have the highest business impact.

  • "The Internet of Things creates possibilities we could never previously imagine, but it also leaves us vulnerable to attacks from more sources and devices. Your organization can stay safe with the right planning, tools and guidance"